As a provider, it’s always fun to not only learn about a new procedure but also to have a new treatment done as a patient. If you haven’t heard of MOXI™, you probably will soon, as it’s the newest technology on the market to gently revitalize your skin. Here’s my MOXI experience and what you can expect at our Nashville office.

The MOXI Treatment Process

To begin, photos were taken of my face and a VISIA Skin Analysis was performed before I was taken to a treatment room. Topical numbing medication was applied and left on for about 15 minutes. Once numb, my face was cleansed, and safety goggles were placed over my eyes. The MOXI handpiece itself is a gentle roller that rolls over your skin while delivering energy. The whole process took less than 10 minutes. Once completed, my skin was a little red and felt similar to a sunburn. I was able to go about my day afterward without a problem.

MOXI Downtime and Recovery

Now, let’s talk downtime. MOXI is a customizable treatment and therefore some patients may experience a longer downtime than others. My experience with downtime may be different than yours. On day 1, my skin was a little pink and the sunburn feeling went away after about an hour. On day 2, I woke up to my skin looking a little tan and feeling dry. On day 3, my skin was feeling a little drier than on day 2 and began to flake a little bit. This “flake” was barely noticeable with a light moisturizer which I applied multiple times a day. On day 5, my skin looked and felt brighter and more refreshed.

MOXI Candidates

Now, as a provider, I want to share my experience but also tell you why this is a great treatment for literally everyone. MOXI can not only correct damage to the skin that has already occurred, but it can also rejuvenate the skin. Prejuvenation is a new term that refers to “preventive rejuvenation,” or treatments designed to prevent signs of aging and damage before it happens. For best rejuvenation results, I recommend 3-4 treatments done about 4-6 weeks apart, but you’ll see results after just one. Also, unlike many other laser treatments, MOXI can be performed on all skin types all year round. This means you can easily add it to your regular skincare regimen as a way to prevent damage and maintain a brighter, more refreshed look.

MOXI Before & After

before moxi after moxi

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