Deep Plane Facelift

One of the most advanced facelift options available, Dr. Gilpin is a leading expert in deep plane facelifts. The deep plane facelift lifts and rejuvenates the face’s deepest tissues to reverse aging at every level.

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MADE Facelift

The MADE facelift is a unique procedure that combines the deeply rejuvenating results of the deep plane facelift with the short incision of the mini facelift. It lifts and rejuvenates the fat pads in the midface to combat the aging effects of volume loss and gravity.

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Mini Facelift

The mini facelift uses small incisions to smooth skin and reverse early signs of aging. With a mini facelift and our best non-surgical treatments, Dr. Gilpin can help you put off the need for a more substantial facelift altogether.

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Deep Neck Lift

The neck lift addresses one of the first areas where aging signs can begin to show – the neck, jawline, and chin. By getting rid of sagging skin and fat, the neck lift can redefine the jawline and facial profile, taking years off your appearance.

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The facelift remains one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures performed each year. In Nashville, TN, Dr. David Gilpin is the leading double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon and expert in a variety of facelift procedures. Dr. Gilpin has decades of experience in performing many leading facelift techniques and achieving transformative, rejuvenating results. If you’re interested in exploring your facelift options, Dr. Gilpin is one of the foremost options in the greater Nashville area.

During a consultation at our office, you can learn more about our facelift options and what kind of results you can expect when you choose a double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon.