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The nose plays a significant role in determining overall facial harmony and is the focal point of the face. As a result, rhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures performed at Gilpin Facial Plastics. Nasal surgery, also called a “nose job,” is a procedure designed to improve the shape, size, and contour of the nose.

This procedure helps create a balanced-looking nose by carefully correcting aesthetic problems that rhinoplasty patients dislike due to their genetics. Rhinoplasty can also reverse cosmetic issues caused by injuries, and it can even correct certain breathing problems and other challenges associated with the nasal passage.

Through surgical precision and artistic insight, Dr. David Gilpin has helped many men and women in Nashville feel more comfortable with the appearance of their nose. Discover how nose reshaping surgery can help refine your profile and create a more harmonious balance with your facial features.

Considering rhinoplasty in Nashville? Contact plastic surgeon Dr. David Gilpin today at (615) 942-7301 to schedule a nose surgery consultation at his Nashville office. 


When it comes to nasal surgery, even the subtlest refinement can affect the overall balance of your facial features. Because of this, rhinoplasty requires the care and surgical skill of a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Gilpin is a double-board certified plastic surgeon specializing in facial plastic surgery, so every patient can be assured that their plastic surgery will be carried out with the highest standard of care and expertise.

Dr. Gilpin wants you to feel your best while still looking like yourself, which is why he performs nasal procedures while being mindful of each patient’s unique anatomy. Gilpin Facial Plastics can help you achieve the following with a rhinoplasty in Nashville:

  • Reduce the size and position of the nose
  • Smooth out bumps and/or depressions on the bridge and/or tip of the nose
  • Narrow the bridge of the nose for a refined look
  • Change the size or shape of the tip of the nose
  • Widen or narrow the size of the nostrils
  • Adjust the angle between the nose and upper lip for symmetry
  • Straighten the septum to improve breathing

Surgical Expertise

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People considering rhinoplasty surgery in Nashville typically desire the following from their nose surgery:

  • Decrease or increase the size of the nose to create more balance with the face
  • Change the shape of the bridge
  • Enhance the appearance of the nose tip
  • Change the angle of the nose
  • Correct cosmetic issues stemming from an injury or treat breathing problems

A good candidate is anyone who’d like to improve the appearance of their nose for either cosmetic or medical reasons. Patients should also be in good health with realistic expectations about the outcome. It’s also important to not smoke, as smoking can impair your body’s ability to heal properly after nose surgery.

To see what kind of results you can expect from this procedure, feel free to browse our before-and-after photo gallery of prior Nashville, TN nose job patients.


  • Humps and bumps
  • Injuries or genetic structural problems
  • Size, shape, or projection


  • Long-term results
  • Improved breathing function
  • More flattering, natural appearance



Investing in your confidence is a big step, and your choice of facial plastic surgeon should reflect it. We offer a premier, luxury environment where you can focus on yourself.

With the help of our professional and knowledgeable team, you can begin your journey toward a more confident you. We’ll take every step to ensure you feel comfortable, pampered, and acknowledged. Begin your refined and cultivated experience here at Gilpin Facial Plastics & Aesthetics.


The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is often one that is made after careful consideration. And being trusted with the most focal feature of your face—the nose—is a responsibility that Dr. Gilpin feels honored to have. For this reason, he facilitates friendly, welcoming consultations that will allow you to feel comfortable fully explaining your reasons for seeking nose surgery. Using this information, he can help you achieve results that closely match your cosmetic goals and preferences.

He will also help you explore all of the cosmetic procedures available that can help you get the overall look you’re seeking. For example, some patients want to improve the look of their nose but don’t want to necessarily undergo surgery. In these cases, a non-surgical cosmetic procedure sometimes referred to as “liquid rhinoplasty” might be an option. Instead of surgically altering the nose, this procedure involves the use of fillers to provide a more aesthetically pleasing contour to the nose and to decrease the appearance of dorsal bumps.

Additionally, many men and women in Nashville also want a more refreshed appearance to go along with their newly shaped nose, and non-invasive treatments like injectables or chemical peels offer exceptional rejuvenation with minimal downtime.

Whether you’re only seeking a nose job or you’re interested in other procedures that may complement the effects of nasal surgery, Dr. Gilpin will provide you with honest, informative advice so that you can make the decision that’s best for you.


Every experience with Gilpin Facial Plastics + Aesthetics is better than the last. From the gorgeous location and caring team of skin care professionals, to the meticulous procedures, I always feel so well taken care of.

Everyone at Gilpin Facial is wonderful! From the front desk, to the nurses to Dr. Gilpin himself. I’ve switched everything involving my skin and face over to their practice and I couldn’t be happier with the results. You will always feel comfortable and they go above and beyond to make you happy. I can’t recommend this place enough!

The team at GFP makes sure I feel secure and confident in my skincare choices and leave me feeling more youthful after every appointment. I wouldn’t trust anyone but Dr. Gilpin, Meredith, and their team to answer my questions and take care of my aesthetics needs.

Rhinoplasty Consultation with a Facial Plastic Surgeon

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There are different surgical techniques available depending on the preference of the surgeon, but as an expert in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Gilpin finds that open rhinoplasty is a superior method. During his training, he was mentored by one of the pioneers of this technique and has a vast amount of experience with it. Using this method, Dr. Gilpin can expertly shape the tip of the nose and repair more extensive issues inside of the nose. Likewise, he can do more work on the dorsal bump area, resulting in a straighter nose.

Some patients are initially drawn to closed rhinoplasty because incisions are only made inside of the nostrils, and because of the common belief that it results in less swelling. However, open rhinoplasty offers much greater precision and the ability to create a more aesthetically pleasing nasal shape in ways that are simply not possible with closed rhinoplasty. Additionally, Dr. Gilpin’s refined techniques and expertise result in minimal discomfort during nose surgery recovery.


Some men and women in Nashville would prefer to avoid the surgical route, but they still want to improve the appearance of their nose. For these patients, non-surgical nose reshaping may be a more suitable option.

With this procedure, fillers are used to correct minor irregularities on the nose. Specifically, ideal contours are created by strategically filling in areas. Filler can also minimize the appearance of dorsal bumps by filling the surrounding area so that a more even surface is produced. The tip of the nose can also be enhanced.

Because fillers are not permanent, a non-surgical nose job also allows patients the freedom to either maintain their new look or let the results fade within six to nine months.


Before your rhinoplasty procedure, you will be put under general anesthesia. Your incision will be made across the columella, which is the small strip of tissue under the nostrils. Because the incision is made in an area that is mostly hidden, any resulting scar will be minimal. In fact, the incision typically is imperceptible once it is fully healed and is difficult to find even if you know where to look!

After the incision is made, the cartilage and nasal bones that give the nose its shape are recontoured according to your anatomy and cosmetic goals. Once the final look is achieved, the incision will be closed with very fine sutures, and a nasal splint will be placed over the bridge of the nose for protection and support. Dr. Gilpin does not use nasal packing after rhinoplasty procedures.

Considering rhinoplasty in Nashville, TN? Contact plastic surgeon Dr. David Gilpin today at (615) 942-7301 to schedule a nose surgery consultation at his Nashville office.


What is a bulbous nose tip?

A bulbous nasal tip tends to have a wide and round shape that lacks definition. Many patients with a bulbous tip may feel that their nose is either too wide or too large for their face. This is one of many common complaints of patients seeking a rhinoplasty. With the appropriate surgical techniques, a bulbous tip can be sculpted to achieve a more defined shape.

How should I sleep after rhinoplasty?

We recommend our patients sleep upright for a minimum of two weeks after their procedure. This serves to minimize overall swelling and to promote a smooth recovery.

Can a nose job make your nose smaller?

A rhinoplasty procedure can serve to decrease the overall size of the nose or certain features of the nose, such as the tip or dorsal hump. It can also be used to modify the angle of the nose, the tip, or other nasal asymmetries.

Can I sleep on my side after rhinoplasty?

We recommend patients sleep elevated, with their head above their heart, for approximately two weeks after rhinoplasty surgery. This is to minimize overall swelling and discomfort.

Can nasal bone be shaped?

In a rhinoplasty procedure, there are several surgical maneuvers and techniques that can be used to modify nasal bone shape and other features of the nose.

Can nasal polyps change shape of nose?

While nasal polyps can block nasal passages, they typically have little to no impact on external nasal appearance.

Can rhinoplasty help sinus problems?

While rhinoplasty can address cosmetic concerns, it can also improve the overall breathing ability of patients. Depending on the anatomic problems, a rhinoplasty can improve sinus issues in some cases. It is important to understand that no rhinoplasty is the same, as every patient’s anatomy is unique.

Can you die from rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a very safe procedure in the right hands, and death from rhinoplasty is extraordinarily rare. When moving forward with this procedure, we highly recommend selecting a board-certified surgeon.

Do nose jobs last forever?

Rhinoplasty is considered a permanent procedure. However, it is important to note that this is the case when rhinoplasty is performed on a fully developed nose. If the procedure is performed at a young age, patients can expect continued growth and development of the nose over time.

Do spreader grafts widen the nose?

Spreader grafts can be used in rhinoplasty to widen the nasal cavity. They can also be very helpful in correcting the middle nasal vault and providing structural support to the middle third of the nose, especially if hump modifications are being made. Spreader grafts can also be used to address nasal asymmetry as well as improve airflow for easier breathing.

What is closed rhinoplasty?

Closed rhinoplasty is a technique that uses incisions completely inside the nasal passages, leaving no external scars. It works best for minor corrections that dont require open access to the underlying structures of the nose.


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