Not Your Mother’s Facelift: How Advanced Techniques are Changing Facial Rejuvenation

Facelifts of the past were often associated with an unnatural result. Today, new techniques are continuously emerging to give patients improved results that still meet their goals for rejuvenation. At Gilpin Facial Plastics in Nashville, TN, we offer several procedures to meet our patient’s anti-aging needs.   Deep Plane Facelift A deep plane facelift is […]

Fall Into Beauty this Autumn!

School is back in session, the temperature is beginning to drop, and we are looking forward to our favorite autumn medspa treatments. After extra sun exposure through the summer months, many treatments can be chosen to refresh and rejuvenate the appearance to transition into fall. In addition to treating common concerns, fall is often a […]

Diamond Glow vs. Hydrafacial- What’s the Difference?

Feeling comfortable with the way your skin looks and feels can have a remarkable impact on your confidence. We all have our own daily skincare routines, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like enough. For those looking to take their skincare journey to the next level, there are numerous innovations in technology and techniques that […]

What Does Microneedling Do For Your Skin?

After a certain point, there’s no getting around the effects of aging no matter how consistent your skincare regimen is. While over-the-counter treatments can be quite effective, a more intensive approach is needed once the skin’s structure starts to breakdown with age. Microneedling is a noninvasive procedure that can rejuvenate the physical and chemical processes […]

Your Best Options for Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

When asked about the most telltale signs of aging, most people would say wrinkles and sagging. In fact, these two factors are usually caused by the same thing— a loss of volume under the skin. In young, healthy skin, a matrix of collagen and elastin provides support and volume to the skin. This means that […]

Botox Myths Dispelled

Botox: It’s the injectable treatment that celebrities notoriously love to hate but what if we told you that everything you thought you knew about Botox is probably wrong? If you’re interested in banishing your wrinkles (and who isn’t?), it may comfort you to dispel the following myths about Botox: 6 Myths About Botox Debunked Myth […]

A Brighter You!

What Is Dermaplaning I am SO excited to finally say we now offer dermaplaning in our practice. This is one of my favorite things to do for myself and I’m so excited we can now offer it to all of you as well. If you’ve never heard of dermaplaning (or you have and want a […]