Fall Into Beauty this Autumn!

School is back in session, the temperature is beginning to drop, and we are looking forward to our favorite autumn medspa treatments. After extra sun exposure through the summer months, many treatments can be chosen to refresh and rejuvenate the appearance to transition into fall. In addition to treating common concerns, fall is often a […]

Look Fresh, Not Frozen! Your Ultimate Guide to Botox

Everyone’s heard of Botox, and plenty of people have tried it, yet it remains a taboo topic for many. Maybe you want to try it out to reduce wrinkles, but you want to look natural — like you haven’t had Botox at all. The good news is getting Botox doesn’t mean you have to look […]

Get Ready for Summer Events with these Quick Treatments

Did summer sneak up on you this year? You’re not alone: With the late start to spring in much of the continental U.S., many of us have found ourselves staring at the calendar, shocked to see that June is just around the corner. Exciting though this is, if you’re still feeling the effects of winter, […]

Botox Myths Dispelled

Botox: It’s the injectable treatment that celebrities notoriously love to hate but what if we told you that everything you thought you knew about Botox is probably wrong? If you’re interested in banishing your wrinkles (and who isn’t?), it may comfort you to dispel the following myths about Botox: 6 Myths About Botox Debunked Myth […]