Facial Plastic Surgery in Oak Hill, TN


Gilpin Facial Plastics offers long-lasting results to its patients in Oak Hill with a wide range of surgical and non-surgical facial procedures. Dr. David A Gilpin has brought his decades of experience and care to his hometown of Nashville after completing his facial plastic surgery fellowship.

In addition to his immense experience, Dr. Gilpin offers an artistic eye for details with his signature procedures including facelift, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery. Every procedure offered at our center is customized to the specific needs and goals of the patient. We ensure that our procedures use the latest in treatments and techniques and require minimal downtime. We make sure all your questions regarding the procedure and your recovery period are answered, and this allows you to make a confident decision. Exceeding your cosmetic goals remains our first priority at Gilpin Facial Plastics.

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Facial Surgical Procedures

Aging is not the only reason why you might see cosmetic concerns on your face. With so many factors like exposure to the sun, neglect, and life events like pregnancy or massive weight loss, many younger people are also dealing with early signs of aging.

Since your face is the first thing anybody notices about you, such undesirable changes may result in low self-esteem and self-confidence. The different treatments and techniques we use for your facial procedures help with reducing your double chin, sagging jowls, and deep creases, among other facial issues. If you have been struggling with sagging eyelids that gave you a tired appearance, we can eliminate these so that you look young and refreshed once again. In addition to these rejuvenation procedures, patients also seek Dr. Gilpin for changing the shape and size of certain features they were born with like the nose and ears. Here are the facial procedures you can choose at our center that help you achieve an energized and younger self:

About Oak Hill, TN

Oak Hill is a city in the Davidson County of Tennessee. The Tennessee Governor’s mansion is located in the city. Even though the city is administered under the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, it retains its own municipal government. Oak Hill is a wealthy suburb of Nashville. During the 1970s, Judge John Overton established a horse breeding farm in the city known as Travellers Rest. After World War II, just like other Nashville neighborhoods, Oak Hill also saw an increase of new residents and homes being built. Oak Hill was incorporated as a city in 1952. The majority of Radnor Lake State Park is located in Oak Hill.

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