Reasons to Add Lasers to Your Skincare Routine

Posted August 28, 2018 in Skin Care

To the uninitiated, the idea of using lasers for skincare sounds like something out of science fiction – and in a way, it is. Cosmetic medicine has advanced to such a point that completely noninvasive, high-tech treatments can work miracles for our skin. From combating the signs of aging to erasing blemishes, lasers can do it all!

3 Stubborn Skin Problems that Lasers Can Treat

1. Texture and pigmentation issues

Certain lasers, like the HALO fractional laser, can dramatically shrink the size of large pores and reduce redness without creating the need for downtime. Laser treatment can also gradually erase sun spots, freckles, and areas of thick or rough skin (over the course of multiple treatments). Laser skin rejuvenation is, therefore, an excellent choice for patients who have visibly sun-damaged skin.

2. Wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin

Lasers have long been a non-surgical anti-aging staple. They’re uniquely effective when used for this purpose because they have a dual mode of action: First, they gently ablate the top layer of the skin, removing dead and damaged skin cells. As these are replaced with new, healthy skin cells, the body increases collagen production. Collagen strengthens and firms the skin while attracting water molecules to the skin’s surface. After several treatments, patients notice that their skin looks smooth, radiant, and much more youthful because of this process.

Some lasers, like the BBL Sciton Laser, have been shown to confer an even greater anti-aging advantage: The broadband light emitted by this device can change the DNA of skin cells. Researchers found

that after treatment with broadband light, mature patients’ skin cells behaved more like young skin cells. The cells became more active, repairing damage by turning over at a faster rate. The cells also showed reduced telangiectasias (blood vessel dilation), leading to a sustained reduction in redness.

3. Acne and acne scars

Though there are different kinds of acne, all breakouts have one thing in common: They happen when too much bacteria accumulates on the skin. Laser therapy tackles this problem in different ways: One, it shrinks pores, making it harder for bacteria to find a home deep in the patient’s skin. Laser light kills a large percentage of acne bacteria.

Once the patient’s acne is under control, he or she can make use of laser therapy’s ability to eliminate acne scars. The thick bands of collagen that form scar tissue can be removed with an intense, targeted beam of laser light. While this technique sometimes results in mild scabbing, it’s otherwise painless.

Learn More About Laser Skin Therapy

The key to the versatility of lasers lies in their adjustable nature. The Sciton laser device can be precisely calibrated to treat a wide range of different conditions. Not only is this convenient for patients and plastic surgeons alike, but it also keeps laser skin rejuvenation affordable. Because a single laser device can treat many issues, plastic surgeons don’t have to invest in multiple costly machines. In other words, even if you don’t have the budget for plastic surgery, laser skin rejuvenation might fit into your lifestyle.

To learn more about this flexible treatment option, contact us to schedule a personal consultation.

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