Your Browlift Options: Know Which is for You

Posted September 24, 2018 in Brow Lift

Droopy brows—one of the inevitable side effects of aging—can make you look tired or sad, in addition to making makeup application more difficult. On the other hand, a brow that’s too high can make you look perpetually startled. All these factors make it vital to understand your browlift options and choose the procedure technique that makes sense to you.

Classic Vs. Endoscopic Browlifts

You have two primary surgical options to choose from: The classic browlift and the endoscopic browlift. Both procedures can be incredibly effective for creating a subtly arched, shapely brow, but they use slightly different methods to get there.

The Classic Browlift

The classic browlift, as the name suggests, is carried out with conventional surgical techniques. During this procedure, Dr. Gilpin will carefully make an incision along the top of your forehead, where it can be hidden by your hairline. He’ll then lift the skin, muscles, and connective tissues, as well as surgically releasing certain muscles around the eyes to reduce wrinkles. Finally, any excess skin will be removed, creating a smooth forehead and evenly lifted brows.

The Endoscopic Browlift

During an endoscopic lift, Dr. Gilpin makes several tiny incisions within the hairline, rather than one long line. He then uses an endoscope (a tiny, tube-like instrument with a camera and light attached) to guide his work as he relaxes and lifts the muscles around the brow area.

Which Type of Browlift is Right for Me?

Many patients find the idea of endoscopic surgery appealing because it boasts virtually no risk of scar formation and comes with very little recovery time. However, it’s important to remember that classics are considered so for a reason: they’ve been proven to work well and look great. The classic browlift offers some important advantages that you should be aware of before deciding on your preferred treatment method.

Benefits of a Classic Browlift

The classic browlift allows plastic surgeons to remove more loose skin, making it perfect for patients with advanced signs of aging. Some surgeons also feel it produces the most long-lasting results. Because the skin is only moved upwards (and not actually taken away) during an endoscopic browlift, there is a slight chance that it may settle over time, causing the brows to lower again. If you choose an experienced endoscopic browlift surgeon, the odds of this happening are minimal, but it’s still important to keep this in mind when weighing up your options.

Benefits of an Endoscopic Browlift

The major advantage of the endoscopic browlift is its shorter recovery time and less incisions that need to heal. Patients who have an endoscopic browlift typically experience very little soreness or swelling, minimizing their need for narcotic pain medication and bed rest. If spending a week dozing in bed isn’t in the cards for you because of a hectic schedule, then an endoscopic browlift is probably the better option for you. Most people who have an endoscopic treatment feel better after three days and can return to work within one week, whereas the classic browlift comes with about one week of recovery time.

What are the Benefits of Having a Browlift?

For most patients, the most immediate and noticeable benefit is a jump in self-confidence. Your results will be visible soon after surgery, letting you look in the mirror and see a brighter and youthful appearance. You might also notice that you see your reflection more clearly, as well. By raising the eyelids slightly, browlift surgery can improve vision that was previously hampered by droopy lids. Finally, some patients report a lower incidence of migraines and tension headaches after having this procedure, both because it improves vision and allows brow muscles to relax.


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If you’re ready for a lift that restores youthfulness without causing significant discomfort, a browlift might be exactly what you’re looking for. At Gilpin Facial Plastics & Aesthetics, the surgical staff will help aide you in developing a treatment plan that can meet your needs and support your surgical results. If you have questions about this procedure and are located around the Nashville, TN area, feel free to contact us and schedule a consultation.





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