My skin has never felt so CLEAN!!!

Previous Skin Care Struggles

I have struggled my entire life with skin that is oily and problematic… thanks mom!! I have used a lot (and I mean alot) of products that seemed to help my skin at first, but nothing turned out to be a long term solution. In November of last year, I started using SkinCeuticals LHA Cleansing Gel. I am amazed at the noticeable difference in my skin, and how it continues to improve daily. My oily skin is controlled and my breakouts are very minimal. After washing my face with LHA Cleansing Gel, I have an exfoliated and unbelievable clean feeling. I know you are asking what makes LHA Cleansing Gel different or better than all of the other thousands of cleansers out there, well the short answer is their key ingredients:

Key Ingredients in Skinceuticals LHA Cleansing Gel



Lipo-hydroxy acid (LHA) exfoliates the skin, decongests clogged pores, refines the skin’s surface, and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Glycolic Acid

Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) eliminates dead skin cell build-up and improves the skin’s overall hydration.

Salicylic Acid

Beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) refines the pores and helps reduce the acne.


As a note of caution, if you have sensitive skin, this is not the cleanser for you.

I am so thrilled I found SkinCeuticals LHA Cleanser, it is a product that can help change your life!!


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