Freshen Up this Fall with Our New Sciton Halo Laser

Posted August 06, 2018 in Lasers

If you’re looking to freshen up your skin in time for fall, then the new Halo laser skin rejuvenation is well worth considering. The Sciton Halo laser is the world’s first “hybrid” laser that utilizes two types of laser energy in one treatment.  The first is a non-ablative laser which targets the deeper layers of the skin (the dermis) to improve color irregularities, redness, and help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  The second is an ablative laser, which removes microscopic channels of the superficial layer of the skin (the epidermis).  This dramatically improves texture, fine lines and wrinkles, and even helps to improve pore size.  The Halo is perfect for people who have chemical sensitivities, too, as this procedure uses light energy (rather than a chemical solution) to strip away the uppermost layer of the skin.

Another advantage of the Halo laser is that its strength can be precisely calibrated. Your cosmetic surgeon can reduce the laser’s power to create a gentle and gradual treatment or increase it to yield faster results (with the trade-off being an increased risk of redness and mild soreness after treatment). The choice is up to you.

What Can the Sciton Halo Laser Do?

Sciton laser skin rejuvenation can be used to treat all of the following skin problems:


1. Problems with uneven skin pigmentation or texture

As we get older, not only do our bodies produce less of the skin-firming compound known as collagen, but also our collagen distribution gets less even. Collagen starts to “clump together” so that there’s a lot of it in some areas and too little in others. This can lead to aberrations in the appearance of the skin, such as light or dark-colored areas, age spots, and rough patches.

The Sciton Halo laser can reduce the appearance of the aforementioned blemishes. Not only does it directly remove them from the surface of the skin (by vaporizing the damaged skin cells in problem areas), it also makes their return unlikely. Each Sciton laser treatment triggers the body’s “healing response,” thereby increasing collagen production. This means that the skin in treated areas becomes smoother and stronger as collagen becomes more available and more evenly distributed.

2. Fine lines and wrinkles

Another area where the collagen-boosting effect of the Sciton laser comes in handy is wrinkle reduction. Wrinkles and fine lines form in our skin due to collagen loss: The less collagen our skin contains, the weaker and thinner it becomes. In fact, most people lose about 80% of their skin’s original thickness by the time they hit old age. This fragility means that the skin is easily damaged by normal facial movements; the stress placed on it by smiling, frowning, and laughing eventually causes wrinkles to form along crease lines. This is why we tend to get the bulk of our wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and between the brows.

When a patient has a succession of laser skin rejuvenation treatments, damaged and wrinkled skin is gradually “peeled away” while repeated infusions of collagen rebuild the skin’s tensile strength. Over time, this creates tighter, healthier-looking skin that is free of fine lines. In fact, some patients who get laser skin rejuvenation treatments regularly over the course of five or more years manage to delay or avoid the need for a facelift.

3. Acne

Not only is laser skin resurfacing a great way to erase acne scars, research shows that it can actually ease the symptoms of active acne, too. Laser skin treatments kill much of the bacteria that causes acne, and this typically leads to fewer breakouts. Lasers can also help to reduce redness and inflammation.

4. Scars

Scars are formed by bands of fibrous tissue that the body uses to bind together cuts so they can heal properly. While shallow scars often fade on their own (thanks to the body’s natural shedding of skin cells), deeper scars require a bit of medical intervention.

By penetrating into the second layer of the dermis, laser skin treatments can force the skin to “turn over” more thoroughly than it would on its own. This can get rid of much of the fibrous tissue that is trapped just below the upper layer of the skin and therefore reduce the appearance of scars.


How Long Does Laser Skin Rejuvenation Take to Work?


The wonderful part of the Sciton Halo Laser is that you can expect to see results in as little as one treatment.  However, most patients will have 2-3 Halo treatments  probably need to have a few Sciton laser sessions to produce the most dramatic results and to fully erase their wrinkles or pigmentation problems. Scars, because they are thicker and harder to remove, often require five or more treatments. If replenishing collagen is one of your objectives, you’ll need to wait one to three months to see the full effects of this aspect of laser skin rejuvenation. Since it’s entirely safe to have laser skin treatments semi-regularly, many patients opt to receive multiple laser skin rejuvenation treatments over the course of a decade or even longer. Doing this can proactively combat the effects of aging before skin blemishes have a chance to form.


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