Can a Rhinoplasty Affect Your Singing Voice?

Posted June 30, 2020 in Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)


Nashville is Music City, which means that many of our rhinoplasty patients are also singers. Your nose and nasal passages play a role in your singing voice, so many rhinoplasty patients have some concerns and questions regarding their results. If you’re wondering whether a nose job will affect your singing voice, the answer depends on several factors.

Why Choose a Nose Job?

Whether or not your rhinoplasty will affect your singing voice can be, in some ways, dependent on your reason for choosing the surgery. Some patients choose rhinoplasty to improve their breathing. This is especially true for septoplasty patients, who undergo the procedure to repair a deviated septum or address other functional problems. Improved and easier breathing can improve your singing overall.

However, choosing rhinoplasty to create a smaller nose can potentially have a negative impact on your singing voice in the hands of an unskilled surgeon. Your nose and nasal cavities are important to the resonance of your voice, and if your nose is too small as a result of your rhinoplasty, this can negatively impact your singing. A qualified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Gilpin, will understand your needs and can create a final result that balances maintaining your singing voice and reaching your aesthetic goals.

rhinoplasty-before-after-nashville-gilpin Can a Rhinoplasty Affect Your Singing Voice? Nashville, TN

button Can a Rhinoplasty Affect Your Singing Voice? Nashville, TN

Singing While Healing from Rhinoplasty

A study conducted in Iran found that singers are more likely to sound more nasal up to five months after the surgery. However, it’s worthwhile to note that Iranian singers tend to sing from the nose more, as opposed to North American signers, who tend to sing from their chest and throat, so results for North American singers can vary depending on their training. As you heal from rhinoplasty, it’s possible for your singing voice to change due to swelling or other factors. The healing process for a rhinoplasty takes time, but most differences in your singing voice should be minor throughout the process.


Will Your Singing Voice Change After a Rhinoplasty?

Overall, it’s difficult to predict whether your singing voice will be affected by a rhinoplasty. However, any changes are likely to be subtle, and many singers may find that singing has improved or is easier as a result of improved breathing after their nose surgery. In addition, well-trained singers should have little to no problems adjusting to singing with a new nose following their rhinoplasty.


Who Should I Choose for My Rhinoplasty?

As a singer, the results of your rhinoplasty have more at stake than just your appearance, so it’s important to choose a well-trained, expert plastic surgeon. Check your plastic surgeon’s certification and training. For example, Dr. David Gilpin is dual board-certified and fellowship-trained in cosmetic procedures and specializes in surgeries of the head and neck. It is also helpful to read reviews from previous patients and look at before-and-after photos of your surgeon’s rhinoplasties. Finally, be sure to ask questions about rhinoplasty and your singing voice during your consultation appointment, so that your surgeon fully understands your needs and concerns.

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