Motus AY Hair Removal

Gilpin Facial Aesthetics is proud to offer the Motus AY solution for laser hair removal as part of our complete aesthetics care solutions. Unlike other laser hair removal solutions, the Motus AY laser is more comfortable, more effective, and more inclusive of multiple skin types.

How Does Motus AY Hair Removal Work?

At the core, laser hair removal works by emitting highly-concentrated beams of light into hair follicles, which destroys the hair. Most laser hair removal treatments utilize the Alexandrite laser, which is particularly effective in removing fine or light hair, but which doesn’t work well on darker skin types. But that downside doesn’t apply the Motus AY. Thanks to its Moveo technology, this laser handpiece delivers more efficient energy to remove hair in a painless way for a wider spectrum of skin shades.

Am I a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Talk with your dermatologist and Dr. Gilpin before getting laser hair removal treatment. Anyone who is interested in removing unwanted hair from areas such as the underarms, or face. Because of the breakthrough technology, more and more people with varying skin tones are eligible for Motus AY treatment.

What Should I Expect from Motus AY?

With its proprietary sapphire-tipped handpiece, Motus AY eliminates the typical discomfort of conventional hair removal lasers. It is also more efficient than other lasers and can treat a relatively large area in under five minutes. Your personalized treatment plan will include several sessions spaced a month apart, then follow-up sessions when needed after that.

Is the Motus AY Laser Just for Hair Removal?

Not at all! The Motus AY has several tips for one device to broaden its effectiveness for multiple applications, including:

  • Hair removal
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Spider veins
  • Vascular lesions

Schedule Your Consultation

To begin the journey to your ideal look, start by scheduling a consultation with the skincare specialists at Gilpin Facial Aesthetics. We will walk through your goals and treatment options, and get you started with any preparation you may need. Feel free to call our office at 615-551-9756 with any questions.


  • How Does Motus AY Laser Work?

    Motus AY utilizes a dual-laser handpiece to deliver highly efficient results to even darker skin types to benefit from. The sapphire tip transmits energy more efficiently than previous laser treatments, resulting in full absorption by the skin, which makes treatments more comfortable and faster.

  • Is Laser Treatment Right For Me?

    The Motus AY laser can be used for more than just hair removal. Because it has both an Alexandrite laser as well as a Nd:YAG handpiece, the Motus AY can also be used to treat vascular issues like spider veins and pigmented lesions.

    It is also specifically designed to be a highly efficient treatment for hair removal, reducing the discomfort usually associated with laser hair removal devices. Anyone with a desire to get rid of unwanted facial or body hair may be eligible for Motus AY treatment.

  • How Many Sessions Will I Need?

    The length and number of sessions will vary depending on the amount of hair you want removed and your individual skin condition. Gilpin Facial Aesthetics offers a 6-session treatment package, with sessions spaced a month apart, followed by maintenance sessions as needed.