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Posted November 26, 2019 in Facelift


Although non-surgical facial procedures have increased in popularity in recent years, traditional facelifts are still the number one option for many who want to look considerably younger. This is not surprising since non-surgical procedures don’t come with the transformative results of a traditional facelift. With great results comes great responsibility, however, so it’s important to know how to take care of your investment in the long term.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

It’s extremely important to choose the right facial cosmetic surgeon when you want a facelift or any other cosmetic procedure. You should always verify that your plastic surgeon is board-certified, more specifically with the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery or the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Additionally, you should select a plastic surgeon who specializes in facial procedures and can produce before-and-after photos of past facelift patients. This can help you ensure you know what results to expect.

Am I a Candidate?

Before you get a facelift, you should consider your overall look and how it makes you feel. Generally, when you meet with a plastic surgeon you’re considering for the procedure, there are certain questions to ask yourself. This should include the following:

  • How much facial volume have I lost?
    • Do I have signs of sun or smoking damage to my skin?
    • Do I have loose or sagging skin in the neck and jawline?
    • Will I be able to carefully follow the aftercare instructions?

Managing Volume Loss

One of the most important factors that may determine how a facelift should be performed is how much volume loss has occurred. As people get older, they naturally lose fat and bone mass, which can result in facial sagging and a loss of volume, most notably in the cheeks. A facelift can help to rejuvenate and reposition volume to make you look fresher and more youthful. Some options to achieve this include facial fat transfer, facial implant surgery, and filler injections.

Getting the Skin in Shape for Surgery

The best way to prepare for your facelift and ultimately maintain its results is to keep your skin healthy. Starting a medical-grade skincare regimen before surgery is a wonderful way to prepare the skin for a facelift.  Individuals who have sustained skin damage due to too much sun or smoking may need more skincare preparation than others. Some ways to prepare, however, include using broad spectrum sunscreen, quitting smoking, and having a laser or BBL treatment.  Be sure to discuss your current skincare regimen with Dr. Gilpin and his team when you come for your consultation.

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Good Aftercare is Essential

Maintaining the results of your facelift means carefully following all the aftercare instructions given to you by Dr. Gilpin. On average, a facelift lasts around seven to ten years before another procedure is appropriate. We have many options to help maintain your results at Gilpin Facial Plastics.  We will put together a wonderful medical-grade skincare regimen and recommend an effective broad-spectrum sunscreen. As always, it’s important to avoid smoking or exposure to smoke and maintain healthy habits.

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The facelift remains one of the most effective options for rejuvenating your profile and removing years from your appearance. Gilpin Facial Plastics & Aesthetics offers industry-leading non-surgical treatments to transform your skin and support your surgical results as part of a professional-grade regimen. To meet with Dr. Gilpin and discuss your options, contact our Nashville office by calling or filling out our online form.

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