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Gilpin Facial Plastics offers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical facial procedures to give you rejuvenating results. Dr. David A. Gilpin brings his vast experience and unparalleled care to patients in Oak Hill and surrounding areas.

Some of his signature procedures include facelift, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery. We customize each procedure to suit the specific needs of our patients and to help them achieve their desired cosmetic goals. It is also our aim that you understand the chosen procedure in detail so that you make an informed decision and have realistic expectations. Dr. Gilpin offers the latest techniques and innovations giving you results that last long and have almost no downtime.

Rhinoplasty is a commonly chosen surgical procedure that is offered by Dr. Gilpin for altering the size, shape, and contours of your nose.

Who is a good candidate for rhinoplasty in Oak Hill, TN?

Your nose is the most noticeable feature of your face. If you have a large or bulbous nose or any other imperfection that has been bothering you, it may affect your self-confidence as well. In fact, a number of adolescents are bullied throughout school due to the shape or size of their nose. Undoubtedly then, rhinoplasty is commonly opted for by young adults. A well-experienced surgeon, like Dr. Gilpin, who has an artistic eye for details can help you achieve the desired harmony to your face.

In addition to cosmetic reasons, you are also a good candidate for rhinoplasty when you are suffering from a deviated septum or an injury to the nose. A deviated septum leads to breathing issues or medical problems like sinusitis.

What can you achieve with Rhinoplasty?

A Rhinoplasty surgery at Gilpin Facial Plastics will restore both the appearance and functionality of your nose. With the nose procedure, Dr. Gilpin will restore the proportions of your facial features, making sure your nose is a perfect fit. He has also been offering stunning results that look natural and last a lifetime.

Once we have evaluated your nose and understood your cosmetic goals, we will customize the rhinoplasty procedure to suit your specific needs. Some other procedures like septoplasty may be used in combination with rhinoplasty to help restore the functionality of your nose. Dr. Gilpin’s immense experience allows him to modify all aspects of your nose like the tissue, cartilage, and bone so that you can achieve pleasing contours that are in good proportion to your facial features.

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Oak Hill is a city in the Davidson County of Tennessee. The Tennessee Governor’s mansion is located in the city. Even though the city is administered under the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, it retains its own municipal government. Oak Hill is a wealthy suburb of Nashville. During the 1970s, Judge John Overton had established a horse breeding farm in the city known as Travellers Rest. After World War II, just like other Nashville neighborhoods, Oak Hill also saw an increase of new residents and homes being built. Oak Hill was incorporated as a city in 1952. The majority of Radnor Lake State Park is located in Oak Hill.

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