It might surprise you to learn that men are the fastest growing demographic in the cosmetic industry. This can be for a lot of reasons – but primarily, more men are realizing the benefits that come with rejuvenating their look. Whatever your goals, your first step is consulting with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. If you’re still considering your options, then here’s what to know about the male facelift and how you can benefit.

Why Get a Male Facelift?

The biggest reason that men opt for a facelift is to boost their confidence in their look. Over time, it’s normal to feel like you look older than you feel. Things like wrinkles, folds, sagging, and fine lines can contribute to an overall tired or angry look that can give off an aura you may not intend. Additionally, many men seek out a facelift as a way to get ahead in their career, especially in client-facing jobs. When you look and feel younger and more vibrant, it can supply energy you need to hit your goals and succeed. Finally, many men opt for a facelift to find greater success in dating.

If you’re not ready for a surgical facelift, then you’re not alone. There are plenty of alternatives available like the non-surgical facelift, the mini facelift, and a variety of other cosmetic treatments.

The Differences Between Male and Female Facelifts

Although it might seem like the facelift is the same for everyone, this isn’t the case. Men have unique concerns and goals for the facelift that should be taken into account by your board-certified facial plastic surgeon. Some of these things include the thickness of male skin and considerations for incision location. Additionally, the male aesthetic requires an artistic and practiced eye in order to differentiate it from the female aesthetic – and to achieve natural, refreshed results.

Where to Begin

Your first step in the male facelift is selecting a facial plastic surgeon. Although it may seem obvious, finding a plastic surgeon who specializes in men’s procedures is important – not only because they’ll have the experience and expertise to achieve flattering results, but because they can also alleviate your concerns (especially if you haven’t explored the cosmetic world before). Your board-certified plastic surgeon should make you feel comfortable, heard, and validated in your choice to invest in your confidence.

Schedule a Consultation

The male facelift can have a hugely positive impact on your confidence and your look. To meet with Dr. David Gilpin and learn more, we invite you to contact Gilpin Facial Plastics & Aesthetics by calling our Nashville office or filling out our online form.