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Gilpin Facial Plastics offers a variety of surgical and nonsurgical facial procedures that help rejuvenate your appearance and give you results that last long. Patients from Lebanon can benefit from the vast experience, surgical skills, and optimal patient care offered by Dr. David A Gilpin. He brings decades of patient care and experience to patients from his hometown Nashville and nearby Lebanon.

Patients seek the experience and artistic skills of Dr. Gilpin which is evident from those who are happy with the results they achieve from his signature procedures like rhinoplasty, facelift and eyelid surgery. Every procedure at Gilpin Facial Plastics is personalized to suit the individual needs, preferences and aesthetic goals of our patients. Our team ensures that all your questions are answered, and you understand the risks and benefits of the procedure before deciding to undergo it. This helps you have realistic expectations from the procedure. We stay with our patients through every stage of the procedure, from the consultation to recovery, offering the latest in techniques so that you remain confident with your choices. Our goal is to help each patient achieve their cosmetic goals.

One facial surgery procedure commonly opted for is Rhinoplasty or a nose job. The procedure alters the size, shape, and contours of your nose.

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Why do people opt for rhinoplasty?

It is impossible to hide any imperfections of the nose since it is the most prominent feature of your face. If you have undesirable facial contours like a bulbous or crooked nose, it will not fit well with the rest of your facial features. Teenagers and young adults living with such imperfections often get bullied or lose their self-confidence. Dr. Gilpin is committed to helping patients restore their facial harmony and feel good about their appearance.

A number of our Rhinoplasty patients also seek the procedure for medical reasons like breathing problems due to a deviated septum or sinusitis. Rhinoplasty is also the surgery of choice when you have undergone an injury, trauma or accident to the nose. Dr. Gilpin uses the procedure to restore both the aesthetics and functionality of your nose. Other procedures like septoplasty may also be combined with your rhinoplasty procedure to give you enhanced results.

How will a rhinoplasty benefit you?

When there are changes to the shape or size of your nose, they are visible immediately. Patients who opt for surgical correction of undesired contours restore the harmony in their facial features. The stunning results from rhinoplasty can take years off your appearance and when you choose a skilled surgeon like Dr. Gilpin, you can be assured of results that last you a lifetime. Rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure since it breaks down the bone, cartilage, and tissue of the nose for recontouring and must restore the functionality of your nose as well. This is why it is important to choose a well-experienced surgeon who has the artistic skills for fine detailing like Dr. Gilpin.

Patients who suffer from breathing problems for any reason will also benefit hugely from rhinoplasty. Dr. Gilpin can modify every aspect of your nose and this is what makes rhinoplasty such a unique and beneficial surgical procedure. You must discuss all your issues and cosmetic goals from the procedure in detail with Dr. Gilpin during the initial consultation so that he can customize the procedure for your specific needs to help you achieve just the nose you desire.

About Lebanon, TN

Lebanon is the county seat of Wilson County of Tennessee. It is located in middle Tennessee, about 25 miles east of downtown Nashville. Lebanon is part of the Nashville Metropolitan Statistical Area. Local residents call Lebanon ‘Cedar City’ owing to the abundance of cedar trees in the area. About 10 miles south is the 900 acres Cedars of Lebanon State Park. It is known for the cedar glades which is a unique ecosystem adapted to the thin soil layers. Lebanon is the host of the annual Wilson County Fair; the Busy Bee Trader Magazine considers it to be one of the best county fairs in Tennessee. It is also listed as one of the top events to attend by Southeastern Tourism and voted as the ‘best fair’ by the Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation.

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