Lip Lift

Enhancing the lips has been a hot topic in cosmetic procedures in recent years, with more and more people turning to injectables like Juvederm. However, plastic surgeons have adjusted familiar techniques to offer permanent lip enhancement.

The lip lift has, for years, been performed as part of a facelift for patients seeking to reverse signs of aging. However, modern advances to the technique have made the procedure a great option for patients at any stage of adulthood to augment their lips. Dr. David Gilpin offers the lip lift procedure so that his patients in Nashville can enjoy long-lasting results.

What is a lip lift?

A lip lift uses a combination of surgical and non-surgical methods to reshape the lips, enhancing their appearance and increasing fullness. The procedure ultimately shortens the space between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip, creating a fuller, youthful appearance.

The lip lift primarily consists of reducing the tissue of the philtrum, the space between the nose and upper lip, by making a small incision and removing excess skin. This is performed either directly under the nose or along the lip line to minimize visible scarring.

In addition to creating a fuller appearance, the lip lift procedure can alter the shape of your cupid’s bow, the curve at the top of the lip, or your smile. Some patients find that their lip lift results in more of their teeth showing when they smile, which they prefer.

Finally, the lip lift can create a more youthful appearance. The lips often lose volume as we age, which this procedure restores. In addition, a lip lift will remove excess skin that creates a sagging look around the mouth.

Non-surgical lip lift

A true lip lift involves surgically shortening the space between the mouth and nose, but some patients choose non-surgical options either instead of or alongside their lip lift.

Dermal fillers are an option for non-surgically augmenting the lips. These include products such as Juvederm, which can be injected into the lips to increase their size and augment their shape. Unlike lip lift surgery, however, dermal filler injections are not permanent. Some patients choose a lip lift because they are tired of repeating injections for their desired results.

Who is a candidate for a lip lift?

Before opting for lip lift surgery, it’s important to be in generally good health and, ideally, a nonsmoker. This allows for the fastest healing and avoids complications.

Patients who choose lip lift surgery typically are dissatisfied with the appearance of a thin upper lip and the elongated space between their upper lip and nose. They may also feel dissatisfied by minimal teeth showing when they smile. Finally, some people with drooping or sagging skin around the mouth may be good candidates for lip lifts.

What is recovering from a lip lift like?

Recovery from a lip lift is fairly minimal. Most patients do not require prescriptions to manage pain but should use ice to reduce swelling and may take over-the-counter medications. Any stitches can be removed in about a week. As the incision continues to heal, patients can expect some redness, which can be covered with makeup.

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