Fat Transfer

Facial volume loss is a natural part of the aging process and can give you a tired appearance. With a facial fat transfer, Dr. Gilpin can help you restore volume loss caused by age or other factors, giving you a rejuvenated appearance. A facial fat transfer involves the use of your own fat cells taken from another area of the body, giving you a more natural alternative to fillers or implants.

Dr. Gilpin’s Approach to the Fat Transfer

Dr. Gilpin focuses on facial rejuvenation, giving him the refined skills and experience needed for an effective, satisfying fat transfer. The goal of the procedure is to achieve subtle rejuvenation with the use of your own natural fat cells. A facial fat transfer can offer the following benefits:

  • Smoothed out wrinkles and folds (including ‘smokers’ lines’ and ‘crow’s feet’)
  • Brightened under eyes
  • Defined cheekbones
  • Enhanced lips
  • An overall rejuvenated appearance

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Facial Fat Transfer?

Ideal candidates for facial fat transfer in Nashville are those who are looking for minimally invasive facial rejuvenation. Volume loss is a natural part of the aging process and can be sped up by sun exposure, smoking, and other factors. Fat transfer can restore this volume loss for smoother, younger-looking skin. Those who have undergone volume loss after a dramatic weight loss also make good candidates for facial fat transfer. The treatment can also benefit those who want to enhance naturally thin lips or poorly defined cheekbones. The most successful candidates will have excess fat in another area of the body like the abdomen or thighs that can be used for the transfer. Facial fat transfer is an effective solution for those who are allergic to dermal filler formulas.

Before and after

nashville fat transfer

Understanding Your Procedure


The first part of your facial fat transfer will involve liposuction on another area of the body to obtain the fat cells. Liposuction is performed using local anesthesia for your comfort. Tiny incisions are made over the decided donor area. A cannula device is then inserted to break up and remove the fat cells. Once enough fat cells are obtained, they will be processed and purified.

Fat Placement

The next step of the fat transfer is fat placement to the face. The fat cells will be carefully injected under the skin where volume loss has occurred until the desired volume is reached. Dr. Gilpin will make several small injections to ensure even distribution and natural-looking results.

What is Recovery Like?

While the placement of fat to the face is minimally invasive, you will have some recovery to the donor site. This will involve several days of rest with some swelling, bruising, and general discomfort. This can be managed with the use of pain medication, and you may want to plan for a few days off work. The injection sites in the face may also appear red and swollen for the first day or two.

How Long Will the Results Last?

The results of a facial fat transfer can be noticed right away for added volume. As swelling and redness continue to diminish, you can enjoy your final results for enhanced lips, smoothed wrinkles, or an overall more youthful appearance. While some fat cells will be reabsorbed by the body, the remaining fat cells can provide long-lasting, and sometimes permanent results.

To learn more about the facial fat transfer or to get started on your treatment in Nashville, contact our office and schedule your consultation with Dr. Gilpin.


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