Ethnic Rhinoplasty

As a facial plastic surgeon, rhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures that Dr. Gilpin performs. This extensive experience gives him a comprehensive understanding of the procedure, and he is able to provide excellent results for patients of all ethnic backgrounds.

What is an Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a rhinoplasty, or “nose job,” performed with special considerations for a person’s ethnic features. There are varying characteristics that each ethnic group has that will need to be considered, which means that not all patients can benefit from the same rhinoplasty techniques. In addition, it’s important that a patient’s results are in harmony with their natural facial features and that their nose doesn’t appear unnatural. A nose that looks beautiful and harmonious on a Caucasian face may look out-of-place on an Asian, African American, or Middle Eastern face, for example. Our goal is to honor the ethnic heritage and natural beauty of our patients.

A well-trained plastic surgeon, like Dr. Gilpin, will understand the considerations necessary to perform a successful ethnic rhinoplasty with natural-looking results.


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Asian Rhinoplasty

Many Asian rhinoplasty patients share common concerns about their noses. They often feel that the projection of the nose tip is insufficient, for example, and that the nose appears too flat. It is also common to feel that the nasal tip has little definition and appears bulbous. The bottom portion of the nose can also appear wide due to flared or oblique nostrils. Finally, some Asian patients feel that the nasal bridge is too flat or too wide.

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African American Rhinoplasty

African Americans have a large range of features, and while there are some generalizations and similarities, it’s important to remember that people from the Caribbean, South American, and African descent have a diverse set of facial features. Therefore, it’s difficult to define a single technique or consideration that applies to all African American patients.

However, it’s common for African American rhinoplasty patients to seek the surgery because of a wide or flat nasal tip, broad or curved nostrils, or a poorly defined nasal bridge. These features can be altered using expert rhinoplasty techniques.

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a relatively common plastic surgery procedure throughout Middle Eastern countries. In Iran, for example, rhinoplasty makes up more than sixty percent of all plastic surgeries performed annually. So, it’s not surprising that Middle Eastern Americans are also interested in the procedure. Most commonly, Middle Eastern rhinoplasty patients are concerned about a bulbous nose tip, downward projecting nasal tip, a dorsal hump (or bridge hump), or an overall large size of the nose.

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Latino/Hispanic Rhinoplasty

There are many subsets of the Latino ethnicity that need to be considered, as there are variations to the cartilage characteristics. Most Latino noses have thick skin and a broad, bulbous tip. However, Latinos from different parts of the world have different cartilage characteristics. For example, Mexican patients tend to have noses with a flatter tip, while some Caribbean and South Americans have wider nostrils and a wider bridge. The key to a Latino Rhinoplasty is to understand which subset of a Hispanic nose each patient has as well as personal differences in skin thickness and texture.

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During your consultation appointment with Dr. Gilpin, he will work to understand your concerns and develop a plan to make subtle yet transformative changes to the appearance of your nose. His goal is to address your insecurities while maintaining a natural-looking appearance.

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