If you’re considering buccal fat removal, then it’s important to know that recovery is the most important step in your process. By undergoing a healthy and successful recovery, you can ensure great results and confidence-boosting looks. Here’s what to expect after your buccal fat removal procedure with Dr. David Gilpin and how you can enjoy a successful recovery.

Immediately After Surgery

Buccal fat removal can typically be performed using a local anesthetic. This means you can return home immediately after surgery with some detailed instructions for aftercare. As the local anesthetic wears off, it’s normal to experience some pain. You’ll be given prescribed medications to help manage it and instructions on using ice packs. It’s important to eat a liquid diet (especially while the anesthetic is still active) to avoid irritating your incisions and causing infection. Make sure to rest as much as possible and keep your head elevated. Finally, avoid touching your sutures even with your tongue.

1-2 Days After Surgery

During the first 1-2 days after surgery, it’s normal for swelling and pain to be at its worst. Continue taking your prescribed medications and using ice packs to manage it. You’ll also be given a special mouthwash to help prevent infection as well as instructions on how often to use it. You should stick to liquid foods for the time being and follow up with Dr. Gilpin on your recovery progress. It’s important to get up and walk around the house regularly to keep blood flowing, but avoid elevating your heart rate or lifting, bending, or laying completely down.

One Week After Surgery

Within 1-2 weeks of surgery, you can transition to a soft food diet. Make sure to do this carefully since chewing too aggressively can disrupt your incisions. Swelling and pain should begin to subside at this point, and you may be able to wean off your prescribed medications (instead opting for over-the-counter medications). It’s normal to still have bruising but this will begin to fade over the coming weeks. You may be able to return to light activities and desk-based work at this point, but still, make sure to get plenty of rest and avoid too much activity. By this point, you may not yet feel comfortable returning to the public because of bruising and swelling.

2-3 Weeks After Surgery

A full recovery from buccal fat removal can take 2-3 weeks. You can generally return to your regular schedule and eating habits at this point, but make sure to check in with Dr. Gilpin before returning to your exercise regimen. You may still have residual swelling which can take several months to fully subside and allow for your new contours to settle in. Most bruising should fade by 2-3 weeks, and you’ll feel comfortable returning to your daily life.

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