Is a Neck Lift Worth It?

Posted July 06, 2021 in Neck Lift

The neck is usually the last place patients think to show some love when it comes to anti-aging or skincare in general. If you’re noticing facial area aging but you can’t figure out why, your neck could be the culprit. The neck lift (or, platysmaplasty) is one of the best options for rejuvenating your overall profile, but it’s normal to have some concerns about investing your time and money into a surgical procedure. Rest assured that the neck lift is worth it – here are the biggest benefits of the neck lift in Nashville, TN and what to expect from board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Gilpin.

The Neck Lift Puts Off Signs of Aging

Although it may seem like plastic surgery is best for older patients, the neck lift can be a great option for patients as young as 30. The benefit of opting for a neck lift at this age is that you can prevent further signs of aging and the need for surgical procedures later on. Although you’ll continue to age, you’ll look younger for your age – as much as 10 years younger when you opt for an experienced facelift surgeon like Dr. Gilpin. 

Neck Lift Results Are Dramatic

When it comes to concerns like a turkey neck, neck bands, or a double chin, few treatment options achieve transformative results like the platysmaplasty does. It can easily be combined with minimally-invasive options like liposuction for a doubly-effective solution to stubborn fat and drooping skin. Additionally, there are few treatments that can tighten the underlying muscles (called the platysma) like the neck lift can – this reduces the appearance of neck bands with long-term results.

Neck Lift Scarring Is Unnoticeable

With surgery, it’s normal to worry about what your incisions will look like. The platysmaplasty procedure uses tiny incisions in areas like the hairline and behind the ears (to address the jawline and lower face) or even underneath the chin (to address a double chin or sagging skin). Neck lift scars are virtually unnoticeable, especially when following Dr. Gilpin’s recovery instructions.

You May Avoid a Facelift Later On

Aging tends to catch up with patients in their 50s and beyond, which is the most common decade for a traditional facelift (or even a deep plane facelift). If you’re proactive about minor surgical procedures like a platysmaplasty in your 30s or 40s, you can drastically reduce the chances that you’ll need a more substantial procedure later. In fact, you may be able to settle for a simple mini facelift, which comes with less downtime and uses much smaller incisions. If you’re also proactive about regularly undergoing a non surgical neck lift with options like injectables, skin treatments, or laser procedures, you can lessen your chances of a facelift even more.

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