Part of getting any surgical procedure done is making sure that you are well prepared. This means having all the necessary arrangements made for home care, childcare, or pet care, making sure you have medications, bandages, and more. When getting a complex procedure such as the facelift, you should start preparing a few weeks out.  Dr. Gilpin will consult with you at his Nashville office. During this time, he will give you a detailed list of instructions for facelift preparation. The preparation steps will start six weeks out.

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Six Weeks Before

At this point, your Nashville facelift might seem a bit far out still. But you should start prepping your body for surgery. If you smoke, Dr. Gilpin will tell you to quit at least six weeks before your surgery. You should also keep in mind that smoking should be stopped until at least six weeks afterward as well. Smoking affects your blood circulation and can affect the healing process.

Two Weeks Before

A few weeks before your facelift Dr. Gilpin will ask that you get blood work done. This is to make sure that you are healthy enough to undergo surgery. Also, before going to your facelift in Nashville you should cease taking blood-thinning medications, such as aspirin. This is also a good checkpoint for finding someone to drive you home the day of your surgery in Nashville and having them stay with you for the first day after your facelift.

One Week Before

You will have a final consultation with Dr. Gilpin at his Nashville office. He will go over any final questions that you may have and walk you through the steps on the day of your surgery. At this point, you should make sure that your home is prepared for your facelift recovery. This means having the correct medications, plenty of entertainment, and a good resting area.

The Night Before

The night before your surgery you should follow all instructions from Dr. Gilpin, such as not eating or drinking anything in the hours prior to your facelift. Make sure that your home is set up and a comfortable resting area is created so that when you get home you can rest right away. For facelift recovery, it is important that you always keep your head elevated while your incisions heal.

Talk with Dr. Gilpin

If you have any questions regarding how to be fully prepared for your facelift in Nashville, then contact Dr. Gilpin. He works personally with each patient to make sure that they are comfortable and knowledgeable when getting a procedure done. Facelift preparation is very important to ensure that your surgery is easy and that the recovery period is quick. Contact us today if you have any questions.