I think that I would like to explore having plastic surgery, but I really don’t know much about it.   Where should I start looking?

This is a common question among our patients, and you are not alone in asking!  The best place to start is by finding a plastic surgeon whom you trust, and who is qualified to help you with these answers.  The truth is that many patients simply want to look more refreshed, and less “tired”.   One of the best places to start looking for information is with a consultation with Dr. Gilpin.  He has been trained specially in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, and this is his primary focus.   He holds Board Certification in this area as well.  Even if you are not ready for a procedure, speaking with Dr. Gilpin will help answer your questions about Facial Plastics!

What can I expect when I come in for a consultation?

Dr. Gilpin’s main focus in the consultation process is to answer your questions and concerns, and to give you honest information about the different procedures that are right for you.  During the consultation, we will discuss your goals and expectations for cosmetic surgery.  We will take pictures of the face, to help direct our discussion .  Consultation usually takes 45 minutes to an hour, and we will formulate a plan that is best for you.

If I have cosmetic surgery, will I still look like myself?

This is a very common, concern of our patients and one that Dr. Gilpin understands very well.  There are certain cosmetic procedures, many touted by the news and media, that can leave you with a “pulled” and unnatural look…Dr. Gilpin does not perform this kind of surgery.  He has been trained by the world’s leading experts in cosmetic surgery, and his goal is to provide you with a cosmetic result that is elegant and refined, but never “overdone”.  It is very important that your cosmetic surgeon be specially trained in surgery of the face.  Dr. Gilpin’s goal is for you to look like yourself after surgery, just a more refreshed version of yourself!

How long can I expect cosmetic surgery to last?

One of the goals of cosmetic surgery is to “turn back the clock”.  Once you have had a procedure, you should expect to look younger, and more refreshed.  You will continue to age from this point forward; however, a good rule of thumb is to look 10 years younger than before surgery.   Dr. Gilpin is committed to performing surgery that will last as long as possible, without performing too much surgery or over-corrections.

I really think that my friend has an attractive nose.  Can you make my nose look like hers/his?

The best nose for you, is the one that best fits your face!  Although, a friend, acquatintance, or media personality may have a very attractive nose, this does not necessarily mean that is best suited for you.  Dr. Gilpin understands how your nose should fit with all of the components of the face: the eyes, cheeks, mouth and chin.  During a consultation, Dr. Gilpin can discuss your goals for nasal surgery and can formulate a treatment plan that is specific for you.  Dr. Gilpin’s goal is not to give you someone else’s nose, but to help fit your nose with your face.

What is my “downtime” after surgery?

It’s important after surgery to give yourself enough time to recover and heal.  Recovery time after most procedures can range from 7-14 days.  During the first week after surgery, sutures (stitches) will be removed.  Typically you will look fine to go out to a restaurant or social function after 2 weeks.

Should I expect any swelling or bruising after surgery?

You can expect some swelling and bruising after surgery.  This swelling will subside greatly over the first week after surgery, and will continue to diminish into the second week.  By this time, and residual bruising can usually be covered with makeup.

Does cosmetic surgery hurt?

Depending on which procedure you have, some discomfort can be expected.  In general, though, cosmetic procedures are not very painful at all, and discomfort is usually well controlled with medications prescribed after your procedure.  It is always important to let Dr. Gilpin know, at once, if you are experiencing increasing discomfort after surgery.

There are many doctors who perform cosmetic surgery.  How do I go about choosing the right one for me?

First, you must be comfortable and trust the surgeon with whom you are working.  You are trusting your face to this person, and it is important that you have a good rapport with your surgeon.  Next, ask about your surgeons Board Certification.  It is very important that whomever you choose be board certified in cosmetic surgery.  It is also important to ask about their training and how many procedures that they have done in the area you are inquiring about.

I would like to look more refreshed, but I don’t think I am ready for surgery.  Is there anything that I could try?

Absolutely!  Come in for a consultation with Dr. Gilpin to discuss the many non-surgical options to rejuvenate your face.  Botox® Cosmetic is a purified protein, which can be used to soften wrinkles and fine lines.  It is a safe and effective alternative to surgery, and can be used safely in conjunction with a surgical procedure.  Also, Facial fillers such as Restylane® and Juvéderm® can be used to help increase volume in the face, and also help to soften fine lines and wrinkles.  The best option is to come in and discuss your questions with Dr. Gilpin, and he will suggest a treatment plan that is unique for you!

RealSelf Q&A with David Gilpin, MD